New arrival ... Dynaudio studio monitors

LYD5 and 7 models available for demo

 "LYD speakers with low-volume precision, are the ideal complement for any small studio set-up. They use the same lightweight aluminum voice coils in their handmade 5 and 7 inch MSP drive-units as our high-end hi-fi speakers, and pairs them with cutting-edge Class-D amplification as well as a 24-bit/96kHz signal path with advanced DSP"

  "Both the LYD 5 and LYD 8 are classy and capable nearfield monitors invested with thoughtful electro-acoustic engineering. They look great, their performance is up there with the best in their class, and that they’re relatively affordable only increases their appeal. (…) If you asked me, and I’m sure you did, to come up with one phrase to describe my feelings about the LYD monitors it would be ‘engineering integrity’.”


Sound on Sound Magazine





New arrival ... Aston Microphones

Affordable professional recording equipment in stock

"At each stage of product development we conducted double blind listening tests with various members of our test panel. Each capsule was chosen by a process of elimination from 100’s of designs, in listening tests designed to show differences between market leading mics in each price sector. With Origin and Spirit new tested with both male and female vocalists, percussion and acoustic guitars. With Starlight we extended the original panel of 33 to more than 50 top flight producers, artists and engineers, and used a variety of instrument sources, including drums, guitars and even vocals Microphones designed by British engineers, the sound developed by the best ears in the business, and then made in the UK… a pretty cool combination."

Origin $379.00

Spirit $529.00

Starlight matched pair $1019.00

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New arrival ... JBL Eon one and Eon one pro

Portable sound for Dj's and musicians

Ultra compact versatile sound reinforcement.

Eon One

380 watt collapsable line array speaker system

6 channel mixer

Bluetooth music streaming


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Eon One Pro

Battery powered 380 watt collapsable line array speaker system

7 channel mixer

Bluetooth music streaming

6 HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE as well as standard plug in opperation


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New Arrivals ... Shure Microphones

In stock now !

Adding to a great lineup we're happy to bring Shure into the fold. 

We now stock:




sE Electronics



Audio Technica

and more ...